Friday, July 27, 2012

Cool Technology of the Week

I'm not sure if this should be a cool technology of the week or a scary technology of the week.

I've posted frequently about the increasing challenges of malware, BYOD, and hackers.

This week's cool technology is a hacker's network penetration device, packaged to look like a power strip.

The Power Pwn is a fully integrated enterprise-class linux server that includes Ethernet, wireless and Bluetooth connections.  It also has a fully automated NAC/802.1x RADIUS bypass and secure shell access over 3G and GSM cell networks.

All a hacker has to do is place this power strip under a desk within a corporation and then they can identify network vulnerabilities and mine data as they wish.

I've said before that security is a cold war - an escalating battle between hackers and IT departs trying to control them.   The Power Pwn is a powerful new entry to the hacker's arsenal.
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