Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cool Technology of the Week

Thanks to Wes Rishel for this suggestion.

I'm a vegan, so I find this product questionable, but it does illustrate an interesting technology - using the genome to create customized products.

RayFish will genetically engineer a stingray to express colors and patterns of your own design and will then create a shoes from stingray leather.

Not just build to order but breed to order. The 10 month lead time may limit the market size.

Per Wes:

"I wonder if they can be genetically bred to include logos in the hide? You should be able to get a GREAT discount for volume!

If this is true and the genetic engineering can be automated what else could we breed to order? The ultimate dinner party, serving fish bred with a unique flavor just for one single meal? Takes a year to prepare dinner, but your friends will be impressed.

Tell your daughter she needs to plan her wedding a year in advance so the entr�e can be bred to order. Perhaps the cycle time for breeding vegan entr�e ingredients is shorter?"

It's a brave new world when our supply chain includes breeding products to order.

Morally objectionable, but fascinating nonetheless.
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