Friday, November 5, 2010

Cool Technology of the Week

As readers of my blog know, I'm passionate about mobile technology.

I believe that iPhone/Android smartphones, iPod Touch, and the Ipad, Playbook, Galaxy, Streak  will become the platform for healthcare   Desktops with complex operating systems, antivirus, and heavy "thick client" applications will disappear.  Ray Ozzie's farewell message to Microsoft describes a post PC world.

As we think about EHRs in the post PC world, I can envision an App Store for modular EHR components.   The Harvard SHARP grant SMArt team is working on this idea.

What about a healthcare App Store for patients that brings the PHR to the iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android etc.

Last week, Quest introduced Gazelle which brings powerful PHR functionality to smart phones.   It's my cool technology of the week.

Gazelle includes automated lab results and educational materials, medication list, immunization list, allergy list, medical contacts, in case of emergency information - everything you need to share your medical records in an emergency.

CLIA rules complicated that delivery of lab data directly to patients, but new revisions to regulations have made this easier.

A lifetime medical record with educational materials on smartphones - that's cool.
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