Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Massachusetts HIE Use Cases

Yesterday I met with the Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services and the HIT Council (our state HIT governance body) to review the Massachusetts Health Information Exchange (HIE) use cases - how will the patient experience differ when the HIE is fully functional.

In the past, we've presented the HIE gaps that need to be filled via procurement.

The Secretary asked for a complete vision, complemented by use cases illustrating e-prescribing, care coordination, public health, consumer engagement, and emergency department query workflow.   Here's what I presented.

For each use case, you'll see current state in 2010, then future state in 2011-2013.  

In our HIE discussion with the HIT Council thus far, we've used the following framework

Establish governance characteristics and consider governance structure operations
Establish priorities for healthcare information exchange
Identify functional gaps in technology and adoption
Broadly communicate the multi-year HIE vision
Describe the operating model (in our case that's Governing Body, Program Management Office, Service Providers)
Define the characteristics of the RFP(s)

So far, this framework has serve us well.    We currently have 10,000 providers connected to our existing HIEs.   In 2011, we will hopefully ensure the remaining 10,000 have all the services they need to connect every provider to every other provider in the Commonwealth.

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