Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool Technology of the Week

BIDMC has been working hard to define its mobile device strategy over the past 4 weeks and we've learned a great deal from the work of our Intern, Ankur Seth. I'll post his findings soon.

One of the devices we considered was the iPod Touch with an integrated Barcode Scanner/Magstrip reader from Linea-Pro.

We have many varied use cases for laboratory and medication management workflow. All involve scanning patient wrist bands, scanning medications/tubes of blood and scanning/swiping employee badges.

Having a development platform with a graphic user interface, long battery life and WiFi capability gives us significant flexibility without investing in an expensive, limited dedicated device.

The iPod Touch is easy to purchase, support, and use. It's a consumer friendly device.

Adding a laser scanning bar code reader makes it an impressive clinical tool.

An Apple consumer device improving clinical care workflow - that's cool!
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