Monday, August 4, 2008

Draft FY09 Information Systems Operating Plan

Every summer, I work with my Governance Committees, the Medical Executive Committee, the Clinical Operating Oversight Committee, the Clinical Chiefs, the VPs, our users, and all my staff to create a draft operating plan for the following year.

In general, in non-profit organizations, there is not a significant increase in operating budget year to year, so we do not typically create an audacious plan that requires significant new resources. Instead, we work within the governance process to determine the highest priorities based on safety/compliance, return on investment, strategic importance and impact. We then execute those priorities with the scope, timing and resources which fit within our budget.

The good news is that for the past 10 years we've been able to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction because we complete just about every stakeholder's high priorities.

My draft FY09 Operating Plan for Beth Israel Deaconess is available online.

It includes numerous clinical, financial and infrastructure goals which will enhance the functionality, reliability and security of our applications and systems.

Feedback is always welcome.
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